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«Calea Ferată din Moldova»


Direction choice

Specify the train departure date, departure and destination station. The number of available seats on the given routes will be shown below. According to the table structure (train, wagon, ticket type), specify the number of seats you want to buy (max = 4). Read the content and confirm your agreement with the terms of the contract-offer, and click "Next".
The web-site offers the limited number of seats.
The main sales are made at the railway ticket offices at railway stations.

Tickets order

According to the table structure, specify the passenger's name, surname, series and number (buletin, passport, birth certificate). Places will be automatically selected, but if you want to change the place, click on the place number to change it. Put the check mark to confirm tat the entered data is correct. Then click "Next".

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Ticket payment

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Order completion

We generated a boarding coupon, which you must present to the conductor when boarding the train. Click on the "Ending" button to download the coupon, you can also send it to your email.

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